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New development of electronic products packaging

Issuing time:2018-11-24 16:05

Appear in the market at present, there are more and more fake plastic products, become people care about the topic, and counterfeit phyletic and various plastic products, from the pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, sporting goods, electronics to cars and aircraft parts, everything.Counterfeit goods made real commodity economic losses to the manufacturer;Damage the credibility of brand products, increase the cost of enterprise maintenance product reputation and quality assurance, sometimes cause harm to the consumers.Suffering products processing manufacturer and resin raw materials manufacturers are jointly seek some product identification authentication technology, is used to solve the problem of product anti-fake identification.These anti-counterfeiting technology including particle identification, identification pigments and dyes, radio frequency tags, tell the holographic pattern and used to make wear-resisting barcode laser etching system standard system, etc.
1, the particle identification

The purpose of the original development show the micro logo, is in order to in the case of terrorist attacks can help track the source of explosives, but is now widely used in tracking and identify the authenticity of a plastic products.That contain specific resolution is the most typical particle identification function of color design or contain special chemical composition of polymer particles, the particles before type molds can be mixed with thermoplastics in advance.Small particle diameter of less than 50 microns (about the size of the bacteria), big about 600 microns (equivalent to the size of a grain), is not the same.These particles inert substance, usually don't react, and can bear the high temperature when the molding processing without damage.By varying each particle on the number, type and the collocation of color or changing the chemical property of the particle surface, can produce millions of various distinctive mix coding.Due to the resin containing particles with coding, using a special instrument read code would then be able to identify the manufacturer and product information.

With identification of particles often mixed with plastic powder in advance, make its can be used for molding or enrichment, dilute when processing can be molded.In injection molding, extrusion molding plastic molding or the striped mini label on the plastic parts, through a microscope or design resolution meter scan can clearly recognize it.Some manufacturers make logo into fluorescent type or with magnetism, in this way, using ultraviolet light meter or magnetic scanner can easily identify the authenticity.

2 additives, pigment and dye

Another method for the identification of whether is the plastic parts factory, is to put the plastic parts and paint or dye mixture, using spectrometer to expose part is analyzed, and the ultraviolet those pigments or dyes will show unique design.Although counterfeiters on their plastic products using very similar color, also can't get the same spectrum as genuine.

3, radio frequency resolution/RFID tags

Another way to identify plastic parts is a radio frequency resolution (RFID) tags, a preset in the plastic parts can radio signal miniature tags.These contain the plastic parts coding information signal by radio receiver to receive after forwarding to the relevant computers.Radio frequency resolution tag technology is to use the installation on the semiconductor chip micro emitter (radio transmitter) to store data.Most tags have a combination of reading and the input data two functions.Labels will be after the power supply issue of electromagnetic field induction radio receiver antenna, the receiver will be able to read the data on the label information.

RFID tags are often in the form of adhesive label paste on the plastic parts.But in the long run these labels are easy to peel.The latest RFID tags are in the process of injection molding is embedded into the plastic parts.The most common way is to take these tags embedded in a plastic box plate and the tray.Let washing, friction or collision will not escape.

RFID tags can be only a few microns in size, to track in through a variety of sources by plastic containers filled with the real source of food, medicine and other items.Each batch of goods shipment date and the loading port and other information all coded into the label of packaging materials.After the goods arrive at the port of destination, with the instrument can read the information in the label.In the plastic packing anyone without any tag or label without any information of the goods may be fake.

4, holographic patterns

Not easy to be counterfeiters copy 3 d holographic pattern, has been widely used in credit CARDS, currency and anti-counterfeiting aspect of paper, its safety performance is generally for identification.On the plastic packing materials and printed on holographic patterns, to distinguish between brand and protection products, to prevent counterfeit.With holographic patterns of plastic packaging film for PVC, PET, OPP and BOPP film.The holographic patterns printed on the plastic film, need to go through a few steps.Print holographic patterns tend to be on the thin film finished product before coated with embossed coating.Toray plastics (America) company recently launched PET film, do not need to add coating can be directly printed on the holographic pattern.The appearance of the product, it is said, to speed up the commercialization process of new holographic patterns.

Another invention, it is in the process of injection molding the holographic printing logo on the plastic parts of new technology.The holographic pattern set of template beforehand inlaid into the mold, can note with holographic patterns of plastic parts.The benefits of this holographic pattern set of mold making technology, is to save the processors of time and money.Because they don't need to spend time with other working procedure to print holographic patterns.

Holographic patterns can also be printed on the contraction packaging.British Watlord Holoprotec company can provide a printed with holographic stripe PVC shrink sleeve.This sleeve is continuous flat tube, which can be cut into segments or processed into special shape, can be used for packing beverage, alcohol, spices and ripe food.

5, the system of laser marking system

Use laser to date, bar code, symbol, logo and pattern to print on the plastic parts, widely used in inventory control, reduce inventory, and to distinguish the products.Not only that, due to the laser marking will not produce interference signal, never been tampered with, so can also be used to product security.Laser bar code can not only help monitor products in the supply chain, but also can help the packers and retailers without identifying code of the goods cleared from the warehouse.Counterfeiters unable to get to the real product marking the same equipment and material, so it is almost impossible to copy the same laser marking or decorative pattern.Laser marker than other methods, such as inkjet printed and primer marker is more clear.Because the laser rays, easy to use computer, so laser make tag is more flexible.

Use the laser system, of course, also has its limitations, the equipment is expensive and can choose the color also very few.But laser equipment have the industrialization of production capacity, the unit production cost is falling;At the same time, continuously introduce new resin additive, which makes the laser system can be used in the color range is bigger, is no longer limited to the common use of black, white, brown and gray collocation.

Recently developed a new 2 d laser barcode for anti-counterfeiting, arranged in the box on the edge of the adjacent two many lines and distribution at the edge of the other two adjacent in the pattern of marks and Spaces.Compared with ordinary bar code, two dimensional barcode can in plastic parts this person more data, and the size of the bar code smaller.Two dimensional barcode also than traditional more wear-resisting.Plastic anti-counterfeiting applications, 2 d laser barcode is more applied in electronic components, medical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, perfume bottles, etc.

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