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Environmental protection bags worldwide advocate, is everyone

Issuing time:2018-11-24 16:02

World environment day, buy a newspaper to send mail to support environmental protection environmental protection bag -- Hongyou Package

World Environment Day forty-third. Hangzhou City Environmental Protection Bureau,the provincial Environmental Protection Office, combined with CHINT public welfare foundation, the Zhejiang Museum of natural history, Zhejiang online more than 10units and the folk organization, jointly organized a large-scale promotional activities,and organize the people to come to visit the Museum of natural "toward an ecological civilization -- the Zhejiang eco province construction exhibition".

A newspaper is also actively involved in the Environment Day campaign, hand in hand Zhejiang Wanguo Auto Company to the owners appeal: "the car to prepare a green bag, low carbon life any more."

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In the morning, Zhejiang Shuren University volunteers in Hangzhou city in a gas station "to buy the morning paper sent to the environmental protection bag" activities.One owner to get the environmental protection bag after a little embarrassed: "today is the environment day, that I should not drive......" He said after filling to put the car"seal a day".

In addition, the reporter understands, Hangzhou this year at least 20000 householdshave a car family, will participate in the "green travel" activity, less driving and morewalking, realize energy saving and emission reduction of more than 10%.

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