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The introduction of plastic packaging materials

Issuing time:2018-11-24 16:01

Week of common plastic packaging plastic corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, plastic, plastic bottles, plastic hose, plate, box, plastic film bags, composite plastic film bags, plastic woven bag and plastic foam seam to rush packing and so on, are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, wujinjiaodian products, all kinds of accessories, clothing, groceries, such as packaging.
The basic composition and performance characteristics of plastic materials

Plastic is a synthetic or natural polymers such as synthetic resin, natural resin as the main ingredient, and with certain additives such as packing, plasticizer, stabilizer, stain, etc after processing plastic forming, and keep its shape invariant materials at room temperature.

(a) polymer
By synthetic polymer compounds known as synthetic resin, also known as polymers or polymer.Synthetic resin is the main ingredient in plastic, it plays cementation in plastic, plastic mainly depends on the properties of the synthetic resin used.
(2) of plasticizer
To improve liquidity of plastic molding process and enhance flexibility and join a class of compounds called plasticizers, it can reduce the force between the polymer molecules to achieve the above purpose.Thickening of the plastic is mostly low volatile liquid organic matter, a few of low melting point solid.Commonly used plasticizer have phthalate, dioctyl phthalate butyl ester, etc.The amount of plasticizer is generally not more than 40%.
(3) the stabilizer
Those that resistance slow material aging metamorphism substances called stabilizers, also called age resister.Stabilizer can prevent or inhibit gather and content in the processing or use due to factors such as heat, light, oxygen, microbial effects caused by the damage, it can be divided into thermal stabilizing agent, light stabilizer, uv absorber, light screening agent, etc.) and antioxidant, etc.Stabilizer dosage is generally lower than 2%, but sometimes can reach more than 5%.
(4) filler
Can improve the inertia characteristics of some characteristics of a plastic known as filling agent, also known as filler.Fillers are generally powder material, such as calcium carbonate, silicate, clay, talc powder, wood powder, metal powder.Join fill the purpose is to improve plastic molding and processing properties, improvement and give some physical properties of plastics and reduce the cost.The dosage of the fillers generally below 40%.
(5) strengthening agent
In order to improve the mechanical strength of plastic products and join the fiber materials called enhancers.Strengthening agent in fact is also a kind of filler.The most commonly used enhancer with glass fiber, asbestos fiber, synthetic fiber and hemp, etc.
(6) stain
Can make the plastic colors or special optical properties of the material known as colorant.Colorant can not only make products bright, beautiful, sometimes also can improve the weatherability of plastic.Common colorant is inorganic pigments, organic pigments and dyes.
(7) lubricants
To improve the liquidity of plastic melt and products surface smoothness and join the substance called lubricant.Commonly used lubricants have fatty acid soap and fatty esters, fatty alcohols, paraffin wax, such as low molecular weight polyethylene.The amount of lubricant generally below 1%.Commonly used additives and antistatic agent, olefinic agent, ward off agent, foaming agent, etc.The performance of the plastic is made from synthetic resin and the YongZhuJi performance.According to actual use requirement, different plastic can choose different additives, and the same kind of resin, adding different additives, makes the difference in performance of plastic products.
Second, the performance characteristics of plastic packaging materials
Physical and mechanical performance is good
Good barrier property
Excellent resistance to chemicals
Good processing adaptability

Strength of the steel is better than
Heat resistance than metal and glass
Part of the plastic monomer containing toxic to help
Easy to take the electrostatic
Waste processing difficulties

Physical and mechanical properties [good]
* plastic mechanical properties such as tensile, compressive strength, impact resistance, bending strength and so on, mainly depends on the high polymer polymerization degree, crystallinity and cohesion, etc.Degree of polymerization and the greater the degree of crystallinity, the greater the mechanical strength of polymer, the greater the cohesion, mechanical strength.
* when crystal lattice and completely parallel to the direction of stress, the orientation of the structure of the polymer has better mechanical strength.Plastic should pass stretching processing after forming, in order to make it with a certain degree of orientation of crystallization structure.

[good barrier property]
* barrier property including gas barrier property of plastic, water vapor barrier property and protecting incense, according to the requirements of different items to choose different degree of the barrier property of packaging.

[excellent chemical resistance]
* general plastic of acid, alkali and other common chemicals, has good corrosion resistance, such as asbestos packing made of asbestos bakelite, holding strong hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid, and can even hold 160 ℃ of hydrofluoric acid, considerably more than glass containers acid;With rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic containers, resistant to 90% of concentrated sulfuric acid, various concentration of hydrochloric acid and 60 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ in the alkali solution.

[good processing adaptability]
* all kinds of plastic, especially thermoplastics, good processing adaptability.Like many plastic force and good smoothness, thermoforming adaptability, mechanical processing adaptability and good adaptability of heat sealing.In addition, most of the plastics has excellent electrical insulation.

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