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Refining the excessive commodity packaging standard——Hong you

Issuing time:2018-11-24 16:00

At the feast, all sorts of beautiful wrapped gift box eventually escape from the fate of garbage is painful.Chen ling, deputy director of the municipal ShiRongWei news spokesman 13th session of National People's Congress four conference in the city news conference after an interview with our reporter said that city ShiRongWei will complete the trash reduction at source, and the production enterprises, circulation enterprise responsibility thinning, reducing trash to the excessive packaging enterprises corresponding punishment.

Enterprise reducing trash responsibility will be refined

In the past few years, Beijing has vigorously promote green food, green packaging, in order to reduce waste.According to Chen ling, the government has to take economic measures to encourage less garbage, such as business departments for merchants to sell recycled waste system, to encourage businesses to rest after sales of recycling sell, encourage business and at the same time, to properly handle the recycled materials.
"Municipal ShiRongWei settlement platform, has set up a garbage disposal unified regulation by unbundling that merchants garbage more and more pay."Chen ling explained, from source to realize waste reduction, it is in Beijing has been the pursuit of goals.Producers also responsibility to society, producers should from the product design is considering the recycling of the product at the beginning of the problem.However, this aspect of the policy to refine and implement accordingly.
In fact, many merchants now has fully considering the reuse of product link, vessels, such as old home appliance recycling, recycling.The producer responsibility in reducing trash next system research elaboration, circulation, the responsibility of the operator should also be regulation, detailed regulations will be developed.

Beijing every year, more than 250 destroyed by excessive packaging

"Beijing is about more than 1000 one hundred million yuan a year spent on commodity packaging, waste a quarter on the excessive packaging."The international food packaging association executive vice President and secretary-general, said dong jinshi first-tier cities such as Beijing consumers care more about the outer packing of goods, luxury goods packaging and more market.
In fact, as early as in 2008 our country issued "the limit commodity excessive packaging, food and cosmetic requirements of national standards, food and cosmetics packaging layers and void fraction made specific provision, while the sum of all the packing cost should not exceed 12% of the sales price.Subsequently, the ministry of commerce specifically prohibit excessive packing goods.
Although the packing layer can be clearly defined, but it is hard to use packaging costs accounted for accurate measure the outer packing of goods is "excessive".Dong jinshi also pointed out that the excessive packing of relevant laws and regulations on food and cosmetics rules, but some arts and crafts, medicines, souvenirs, etc in the above two categories, as a result, the excessive packaging problems still faces no standard can depend on, could not be in accordance with the problem.
It is reported that some luxury packaging idiomatic composite materials such as metal glass, color packing and so on, which results in the process of recycling of difficulty is greater.

From the source for waste reduction

Chen ling, according to the "twelfth five-year" period, the zhuhai municipal city will continue to carry out trash reduction work.From the waste source to register the volume, to adopt emissions management system.After create waste, renewable resources recycling system is speeding up the stationing, try to be professional collection and recycling.
Dong jinshi, garbage collection should pay attention to the recycling of household waste problem.According to statistics, more than 80% of the waste from households, and 64% of Beijing's waste from kitchen waste."Household rubbish classification on pure now recycling and recovery of classification is not very reasonable, according to the daily plastic, paper waste, kitchen waste recycling, and the investment recycling vehicles, processing equipment, to achieve better resource recycling."Dong jinshi.
Face the future Beijing will implement waste charging problems of e-commerce enterprise seven days, said an official with the electrical network related electronic commerce enterprise of distribution boxes are currently taking circulation materials such as paper box, plastic foam, future waste charging, if the implementation of the company under the precondition of not affecting the safety of goods distribution, will strive for more low carbon environmental protection.The packaging products (shenzhen) co., LTD.

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