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To curb excessive packaging, paper companies needs to be improve

Issuing time:2018-11-24 16:00

The Spring Festival, Chinese people have the custom of visiting relatives and friends, now is to "walk, walk," natural without caring, Chinese people pay attention to "face", gift to elegant and generous, packing should be colorful delicate, this just take shots, one is to show respect for the family and friends, but also can't get away from the "show".Go to the supermarket, shops, all kinds of gift box full of beautiful things in eyes, the more beautiful, the style of the packing, the more in the most conspicuous position.Shelves in large and small, all kinds of gift box, and over the past few years the government has stressed "prohibit excessive packaging" as if does not exist in the same space and time.

The same variety and quality of eight two fresh tea, bulk, paperback boxes with price is orders of magnitude of the gap, bulk 100 yuan or so, paperback doubled, with two porcelain tea caddy, silk, on the shop in a cardboard box, priced at 1888 yuan.The price of a pack of 500 grams, 60 yuan bags of dried fruit, with canned into the box, the price had doubled;A few kiwi fruit after beautiful package, into delicate carton, price was sold for 198 dollars!To gift sets on the layer upon layer the purple jacket, analysis the cause of the "Chinese waste", we can draw three, one is bad consumption concept is difficult to reverse.The Chinese good face, love vanity, exquisite packaging gift boxes are catering to the consumption concept;Second, at present our country has not yet issued special specification goods excessive packaging laws and regulations, the law enforcement authorities cannot to manufacture, sell the excessive packaging products business, punish, therefore, the excessive packaging manufacturers still chances;3 it is a gift for public consumption, public funds of excessive packaging.

Chinese cities are now "practice strict economy and combats waste.Due to the excessive packaging goods still exist in great quantities, consumers actively or passively ACTS as a "beautiful".In recent years, the excessive packing goods caused the waste of resources, environmental pollution, contribute to the social bad style, harm the interests of consumers, therefore, to curb excessive packaging goods become social consensus.

According to statistics, one third of the city life garbage inside is packaging waste, which more than half of packaging waste is a luxury packaging.China has become a luxury packaging is one of the most serious countries in the world, the volume of packaging waste half of solid waste, scrap value of about 400 billion yuan a year.

Compared with other wastes, gift boxes price is always high.Gift box recycling prices down significantly in 2013.In the packaging color ink and compound is very unfavorable to the paper mill, so recycling has been very low price.Instead is simple and transparent packaging better decomposition, recovery of the price also is higher.

Excessive packaging is overrun, resulting in enormous waste of resources, after all is the luxury packaging can open, and the price, to the enterprise to bring more profits.Papermaking enterprise on the chain of interests between manufacturers and consumers, compared with the real profit due to the excessive packaging of goods manufacturers and distributors, and consumers actually in a passive position, once the people's consumption concept changes, or the government strengthen the enforcement of policies, rules and regulations packing paper market is volatile, excess production capacity in the whole packing paper market environment, the paper mills should be wary.

Run counter to the saving of excessive packaging, legacy is not only the consumer, and paper mills.Consumers only pay big money to buy a pile of paper, waste is caused by the helpless passive consumption immediately appear "trauma", and paper mills are affected by the "internal injuries", in this piece of vanity after defeat, "internal injuries" will attack, packaging industry, including production packing paper enterprises inevitable pain.

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