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Hongyou  Package
Research-Type Manufacturer of paper plastic bags, envelopes and protective bags for logisticexpress delivery.
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Professional & Quality & Service
Domestic professional packaging production suppliers
Rich Experience
Hongyou (Changzhou) Package Co. Ltd., established in 1986 with a factory area of 15,000 m"Focus on the packaging industry for 30 years, design more than 80 industries, service more than 90,000 customers, perfect pre-sales - sales - after-sales customized services, so that your packaging products into art
Advanced Equipment
The Company is now equipped with morethan 50 related machines, such as color printing machines, machines for producing envelopesand paper bags, machines for producing recyclable waste paper for filling, bubble compoundmolding machines and machines for producing degradable plastic soft packages.
      Environmental protection                      Modern equipment                                Exquisite craft                                           Strict inspection
Perfect Service System
Support For Custom
Support color, specification, size customization processing and production according to customer requirements
On Time Delivery
According to customer demand,timely and quantitative completion of the goods needed by the buyer.
Quickly Delivery
Multiple modes of transport, according to the needs of customers to choose the mode of transport, timely delivery
Perfect After-Sale Service
Whether it is pre-sale, sale, after sale, we will treat each other equally and provide you with the most reliable service.
Multi-Color   Multi- Size    Multi-Specification
Committed to packaging materials research and development, manufacturing, sales and clothing
Hongyou (Changzhou) Package Co. Ltd.,
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